We believe that ensuring the best uniform is essential in ensuring high expectations. Students who look smart are more likely to have a positive attitude towards their studies and are preparing themselves for success in the workplace. All students must wear the uniform shown below and sanctions will be used where students are not adhering.

All students must wear the following:

  • Plain white shirt (long or short sleeved) with a top button and the shirt must be tucked in to the skirt/trousers
  • School pleated skirt or plain black loose fitting trousers
  • Plain black blazer with a school badge (the orange segment of the badge must be in the top left if purchasing separately)
  • College colour clip-on tie
  • Plain black flat/low healed leather shoes suitable for winter weather (i.e. no emblems, no boots, no trainers, no material pumps or plimsolls). ‘Vans’ or ‘Converse’ (including leather) are not allowed, neither are ankle boots, including Kicker boots.

The following items are optional:

  • Plain black v-neck jumper of waist length (cardigans and hoodies are not allowed, nor jumpers with a logo)
  • Black/flesh coloured tights or black knee high or ankle socks (socks over the knee or socks with bows are not allowed)
  • Coats should be smart and professional in appearance without significant emblems (i.e. large logos across the back of the coat. No denim)
  • Headwear such as bows and headbands are allowed as long as they are professional in appearance.


  • Make up must be subtle and not easily visible.
  • Nail polish, coloured nails and false nails/eyelashes are not allowed - nails must be cut short.
  • Hair must be of a natural colour (i.e. not dyed in a bright, synthetic colour).
  • Students are permitted to wear a wristwatch and one small pair of stud earrings (one in each ear).
  • No facial piercings (including retainers).
  • School Swipe / ID Card must be brought to school as part of school uniform.

Final decisions regarding our expectations on what constitutes correct uniform, make-up and other adornments lie with the Headteacher.

Spare clean uniform can be borrowed from the school in an emergency. Students not in school uniform will be asked to wear loaned uniform or shoes for the day or they will not be able to attend normal lessons but will be supervised to do their work away from their classmates.

Skirts, ties, badges as well as the P.E. top, shorts and sweatshirt, can only be purchased via Price and Buckland or directly from the school to ensure uniformity of colour and design. (Online store coming soon).


Product Design:
A heavy cotton apron - these can be borrowed from school at 10p per lesson

Food and Nutrition:
An apron (not the above) - these can be borrowed from school at 10p per lesson

An old shirt which will protect uniform from dyes and paint.


Uniform Policy

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Visit our new online school uniform store to purchase school uniform items.

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