We have high expectations of uniform.

Uniform represents the school and gives clear messages about the individual - smart appearance equals smart attitude. It also promotes the College identity whilst showing that all students are part of the same school.

Our uniform was chosen by talking to parents, students and staff and consideration was given to comfort, quality and cost.

Correct uniform must be worn at all times, including to and from school. We also consider alterations or additions to students’ natural appearance is part of uniform and therefore, our expectations extend to make-up, nails etc. Plain black blazer

  • School badge (purchased from the school )– sewn on with orange colour segment top left
  • Black pleated skirt, purchased from the school or Plain black, loose fitting trousers of suit-type and material
  • Plain white shirt (long or short sleeved) with a top button
  • College colour clip on tie, purchased from the school
  • Plain black flat/low heeled leather SHOES suitable for winter weather (NO emblems, long or ankle boots, trainers, material/canvass pumps or plimsolls)
  • Plain black V-necked jumper of waist length (cardigans, hoodies or jumpers with logos are NOT allowed) – this must be worn out of the waistband
  • Black/flesh coloured tights or black ankle/knee high socks (over-the-knee socks are not allowed)
  • Smart, professional coat free of significant emblems or logos

  • We would also draw your attention to the following:

  • Hair must be of a natural hair colour
  • No facial piercings (including retainers)
  • Natural unpainted nails, cut short to a safe length (no nail polish or false nails)
  • Very subtle make-up may be worn but this must not be easily visible (this includes accessories like false eyelashes, painted on eyebrows etc)
  • School Swipe / ID Card must be brought to school as part of school uniform

  • We allow minimal jewellery:

  • A wrist watch
  • One pair of small stud earring (worn one in each ear, maximum 7mm size)

  • Final decisions regarding our expectations on what constitutes correct uniform, make-up and other adornments lie with the Headteacher.

    Students wearing incorrect uniform where we are unware of valid reason will be subject to a 15 minute detention on the day. We ask parents to let your ESL know if there is a problem with wearing correct uniform.


    The College school tie and school badge will need to be purchased from the school via School Gateway. The school skirt may also be purchased via this method, as well as the Sewing Shop.

    Blouses, blazers and other items may be bought from uniform suppliers, high street stores or supermarkets.



    Skirts - 11 and 12 years

    Skirts - 24-26" Waist

    Skirt - 30-40" Waist


    Product Design:
    A heavy cotton apron - these can be borrowed from school at 10p per lesson

    Food and Nutrition:
    An apron (not the above) - these can be borrowed from school at 10p per lesson

    An old shirt which will protect uniform from dyes and paint