For the last 7 years we have been running a highly successful e-learning scheme which has allowed all students to have their own laptops for use in home and at school.

We know that the use of an e-learning device in school and at home can have a very positive impact on learning, leading to excellent results. We have been developing our lessons so that students use a laptop device when it is the most appropriate tool. Modern interactive technologies can engage students and enhance learning beyond traditional teaching methods.

We also acknowledge that ICT is not the only way to support educational development and it must be used as part of an overall programme of quality learning.

To be able to use this tool effectively it must be available whenever it is most needed. The school wants to ensure that each student has access to a laptop with the relevant software for use in school and at home.

We have found that students who are able to access the same software on a device at school and at home are able to make faster progress in their learning and achieve higher results. The laptops will be used to access resources as part of homework and will be used in all subjects along with the development of traditional skills, creating the best of both worlds.

This is not merely a laptop rental scheme; it is intended as a whole learning package. The students will have access to a comprehensive range of software installed as standard.


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