At Northfleet School for Girls, we employ Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which essentially safeguards your school account details by ensuring external actors cannot gain access to your account, as they will need a unique randomly generated code that only you will have physical access to.

Many of you will have used such systems to protect login credentials to say your online banking or accessing such services as PayPal.

Once implemented, the first time you access Microsoft OneDrive, Teams or email you will be challenged for your uniquely generated code. The period of protection will last for 7 days on your school device, and should you logon to say a home computer or check email on your phone you will again be challenged for the code.

If your details are compromised and external threats obtain your logon credentials they will still not be able to access your account as they will not have the physical access code required

According to Microsoft, MFA can “prevent 99.9 percent of attacks on your accounts.”

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