This page gives information on our Covid-19 provision.

At the current time (September 2021) all students are expected to attend school, details of this are included in the latest Covid letter as shown below.

In addition we have included the following documents;

December 2021 Risk Assessment: Details of our arrangements to manage risk now that all students are back in school and in line with all current guidance.

NSfG Testing Centre Risk Assessment: Our risk assessment for the operation of our testing centre.

Covid Escalation Plan: Information on how we will manage an outbreak or escalation of cases, including re-introducing safety measures as appropriate.

Remote Learning Procedure: Information on how remote learning works for all students should we be required to move back to this.

Covid Overview information: A full overview showing how our school operates if required to move to full remote learning.

Our overriding aim in this current situation is to ensure that we achieve the best possible balance between students achieving an excellent educational experience and managing acceptable levels of risk. This includes;

• Ensuring strong academic progress for all students
• Continuing to pursue whole person development including clubs, trips and activities as far as possible
• Ensuring appropriate safeguarding systems for the changing situations and circumstances
• Playing our part in caring for all students in school and in remote learning


December 21 Risk Assessment

829.00 KB   December 7, 2021

2021 Summer School Funding Statement

151.83 KB   December 7, 2021

Remote Learning Procedure

232.86 KB   December 7, 2021

Testing Centre Risk Assessment

292.84 KB   December 7, 2021

COVID Overview Information

121.68 KB   December 7, 2021

COVID Escalation Plan

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COVID Catch Up Plan

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September Parent Letter

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