Remote Learning Package – Whole person development

• During remote learning we are operating base times on Monday to Thursday at the times shown below. Monday is a base time ‘google meets’ and all students are expected to attend

• Students are awarded achievement points for those who engage particularly well and these will appear on the parents School Gateway app. Those who engage the most are awarded remote learning prizes and celebrated on social media. In addition social media is used to share excellent work and further ‘Dream Big prizes.

• Where a teacher identifies that a student has not engaged with remote learning they will issue a non-engagement point which will also show through school gateway. This is not intended as a punishment, rather as a method of ensuring parents are aware of incomplete work and allow us to evaluate where further support may be required.

• We are continuing with our Dream Big days – albeit online and will issue details in letters to parents.

• A wide range of online competitions and challenges continue to take place, these are shared through the base group google classrooms and social media.

Remote Learning – Pastoral Support

• The Monday morning base time google meets is used as a key pastoral contact with the base leader

• In addition to the above and as far as absolutely possible we seek to make a pastoral support contact with every student each week. These will be conducted by ESL, the inclusion team and some wider administration staff. Where phone contact is ineffective email contact may be used.

• A wellbeing email ( is available for parents to use where they have concerns over their child and would like to talk to a member of the pastoral team.

Remote Learning – Technical support and IT access

• We have worked hard to ensure that all students have access to a laptop through the e-learning scheme.

• If there are any technical issues parents can email and we will respond

• Where any student is using their own phone for mobile data they may be entitled to a data upgrade – please use this link to request.

• We are aware of a very few students with no-internet connection and are supplying paper packs – if you require this please make contact with the main office on 01474 831 020 and we will respond.

Key worker and vulnerable provision

• We are operating a key worker and vulnerable student provision within year group bubbles.

• If you qualify and would like to request a place please email and then complete this form.

• School will make contact with those considered to be within the vulnerable category and encourage attendance as required

• Students within the keyworker provision are encouraged to take part in the weekly Covid testing as below.

In-school Covid LFD testing

• We are operating an in-school Covid testing station using the LFD method

• Staff in school are tested twice a week using this method

• Plans are in place to rapidly scale up this provision to test all students/staff upon full school re-opening.

• All testing is recorded via the NHS Test and Trace system

• The Testing Centre risk assessment is shown below

Free School Meals vouchers

• FSM students will receive vouchers via the Eden-Red system

• We have contacted all qualifying families, however if there are any issues please email


• Regular updates are sent to parents via emailed letters, with copies shown in the letter bank section of this website.

• Further messages are sent via the school gateway app.

• Substantial further information and celebrating achievements take place via our Facebook, Instagram and twitter account.

Attached documents

• Remote Learning procedures

• Testing Centre risk assessment

• Whole School (full opening) risk assessment

These documents are available on the main COVID-19 information page.

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