We recognise that excellent academic progress is only part of being successful, we have therefore introduced the Fast Track Programme which students can apply to join. The FastTrack Programme is an opportunity for students to develop their academic interests, challenge themselves to develop skills both inside and outside of the learning environment, foster a love of learning through investing in interest and talents as part of our Dream Big programme and become leaders of learning.

Through this programme students receive more challenging learning and homework as well as additional support to reach the highest grades.

Students are placed in this group in Year 7 using primary school data and CATS tests. In addition to this, students must complete an entry project which is focused on assessing a number of skills and a completing a creative brief. Each year we admit students who have passed the Kent 11+ test and choose to attend NSfG, these students are usually suitable for our Fast Track programme, however it is not a requirement to have taken the 11+ to join the Fast Track programme.

Membership of the programme is reviewed in Year 9, and the programme continues to provide tailored opportunities for our students into our Sixth Form, enabling our students access to Russell Group universities and supporting them to embark on aspirational careers.

KEY STAGE 3 (YEAR 7 & 8)

Over the course Year 7 and Year 8 students will be given the following opportunities:

• Raising aspirations with bespoke career encounters
• Raising aspirations with university trips, visitors and outside speakers
• Developing interests through clubs and Fast Track Plus specific trips
• Celebrating academic achievements through showcase events for parents and teachers to attend
• Developing as leaders through taking part in NSfG leadership opportunities
• Becoming leaders of learning in lessons with distinct challenges linked to the development of skills in each subject
• Mentoring to support students’ academic and whole person development throughout the year
• Be part of the Fast Track Plus Club
• Expectation to complete a series of challenges each term linked to:
Inference, Evaluation, Organisation, Practical application, Problem solving, Literacy, Current affairs, Debating, Presenting and public speaking.

All of the above means that our Fast Track Plus students are actively prepared to:

• Achieve the very highest grades
• Access the best Russell Group universities, including Oxbridge
• Develop the necessary learning, social and life skills to succeed in aspirational careers.

In 2023 students achieved 215 Grade 7’s*A*/A) or higher. Progression from our Sixth Form included successful places in Medicine and Ancient History at Oxford University.

KEY STAGE 4 (YEAR 8 & 9)

Over the course of Year 9 – Year 11 students will be given the following opportunities:

• Developing study skills focused on exam preparation and revision techniques
• Creating personalised development plans for Year 10 and Year 11 students which support them to achieve the very top grades.
• Mentoring to support students’ academic and whole person development throughout the year
• Higher level whole person development which focuses on building cultural capital, bespoke career encounters and university trips.
• Development of leadership skills both within and outside of the classroom.
• Support to take aspirational courses in Sixth Form.
• Joint projects with Sixth Form Fast track, including student to student mentoring.
• Celebrating academic achievements through showcase events


Over the course of Sixth form students will be given the following opportunities:

• Bespoke personal development group (Base group)
• A bespoke personal development leader to support students with their development plans
• Specific career encounters linked directly to the student’s area of interest
• Tailored support with UCAS applications, including the applications for LMAT, BMAT and medical courses.
• Development of a rich CV with wide ranging volunteering, leadership and subject development experiences
• University visits and residential opportunities
• Encouragement and support to source independent opportunities developing their super-curricular interests
• Joint projects with KS4/KS3 Fast Track
• Celebrating academic achievements through showcase events

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