The following gives an overview of our current Covid remote learning provision. This page will be updated when students are allowed to return to school.

Remote Learning package – Lessons

Students are expected to be online during the school day and as per the timetable shown below.

• All classwork follows the normal school curriculum as far as possible and is posted on Google classroom.

• It is recognised that an appropriate blend of live learning with other support/packages works most effectively. With this in mind teachers will offer at least one video lesson opportunity per subject per week (live or pre-recorded) and be online to answer questions at all other normal lesson times

• A wide range of other software packages and websites are used, however lesson tasks will always be posted on Google Classroom.

• Teachers are not able to answer questions/give feedback outside scheduled lesson times as they may be with another class or preparing for future classes.

• If students are unsure how to progress they should check the Google Classroom posts, or message through Google Classroom. If for any reason this does not work (in lesson time) parents can email and we will respond.

Further details are shown in the remote learning procedures document shown below.

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